Guidelines for letters and ornaments.

1. - The ORNAMENT guidelines are as follows:
- flat, non-breakable ornaments
- no larger than 5 inches across
- no foamies, paper or pipe cleaner ornaments (they fall apart or lose their shape)

2. - The BAGS should be brown lunch bags
- they can be decorated with crayons, markers, cutouts, ect (no glitter or foamies)

3. CANDY - Candy should be individually wrapped and not have Halloween logos on the wrapping.

4. LETTERS - Guidelines for letter writing

Letters CAN:

Be addressed to "Dear Soldier" or "Dear Service Member"
Express support and appreciation
Include a drawing if from a child (must have name and age if the child is under the age of 10)
Tell about the writer's family, life, likes, etc.
Share personal experiences that motivate
Include a return address

Letters CANNOT:

Be dated
Ask any questions about war, injuries, killing, etc (Believe it or not 10% of all letters cannot be delivered because of this)
Be politically motivated or mention politicians or political affiliation
Be type written or a photocopy
Be in a sealed envelope
Be unsigned ... unsigned letters will not be used. You can use first or first and last name.